Tuesday, January 18, 2011

christmas timezz

uncle, grammy, aunt mary

dad, sometimes you look like buddha




my sister, travis and i played candy land all night cuz there was nothing better to do

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

crowd surfing at a cheap punk show back when i was 15 or 16

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

lovers on the beach

walking on the beach watching this couple get married 
they were running and there was a photographer taking pictures of them

it was really nice to see people so happy to be with each other :)
it would be nice to get married on the beach

Friday, January 7, 2011

woah. hi azure.

sometimes dalilah really likes to clean. even when shes at other peoples apartments :P




who are you and when did i take this picture? oh well. happy halloween.


krista simone is the one blowing smoke out. my roommate from second semester. 

krista and chris being stoneyz 

azure looking fabulous



chris and andrew

we got bored and left the party. we wandered the streets in the mission.

i have no idea who you are but thanks for being so happy in this picture i took of you :P

eating our drunk munchies away at poncho villa.

drinking at 16th and mission. shortly after the guardian angels ripped my beer out of my hand and poured down my shirt and pushed me to the ground. i thought they were supposed to protect people from those kinds of things..

the guardian angels "protecting" everyone. they were such assholes.

people from the neighborhood yelling at the guardian angels after they saw what they did

this spanish man helped me up after they pushed me and yelled at the angels. he was really nice...until he offered me coke and to go back to his apartment. no i did not take him up on that.

weird guy in weird costume

a homeless man in a grape costume. also helped me after the guardian angels. he was yelling at them for about an hour. we gave him and his buddies a bunch of beers.

the giants parade

the whole street was blocked off. my class was on the other side and i had to hop a fence in order to get over.  a nice family helped me get over and passed me my back pack and skateboard over the fence. 

black and orange everywhere