Friday, January 7, 2011

power to the peaceful 2010

pam and nastassia. i really admire their friendship. i rarely see one without the other. it's nice to see two girls that are actually genuine to each other and aren't whispering about each other when they leave the room. You guys are awesome.

azures backyard patio


watching people walk by with their crazy outfits

this guy was going around to everyone trying to buy alcohol. some of the others sold a cheap bottle of wine to him. it made his day.

some teenage boys . they came up to me asking for water cuz they were so dehydrated from rolling :P

little hippie girl. her parents and brother were right next to her. they were selling balloons and face painting.

her brother

passing joints

pam and nastassia taking pictures of me taking pictures of them

golden gate park

keith and azure


keith, azure, and laura

pam lighting another joint

azure has these weird lights in his apartment. i took this from the outside so it looks like two because of the reflection

i am proud of this picture. 

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