Friday, January 7, 2011

a day at baker beach, october 2010


this man was doing some sort of yoga or tai chi. we kept talking about how he looked like zeus or some sort of greek god. he didn't seem to mind us taking pictures. it was really interesting to see somebody so at peace with themselves. 


azure, laura, and chris. thank you guys for such a good day.

whenever i look at this it makes me think of when humans first started to roam the earth

man in pure form watching modern man

me and laura

me and chris

this man was so nice. he talked to us as if there was no difference even though he was completely nude. it was refreshing to communicate with another human that seemed so care free and not judgemental of anything. he even took the pictures of us where we are all together.

feet and trees

so nostalgic

"we're on earth, and in the sea, and in the clouds"

this is so each one of us. i feel like you can just see it in how we are standing. jus bein' ourselves and stuff :P

i really love all of you guys. this day was amazing. i hope we can all go back there with more friends and run around on the beach like little kids again. this day really sticks out in my mind.


this piece of wood wouldn't stay in the water. we kept throwing it over and over again but no matter what it always came back to where it started. it made me think about how no matter what, in some way or another, we always end up in a similar place to where we begin.

im not sure which one of you took this picture of me, but you got a really great shot. i really love this picture.




this man showed us a hidden way to get into the beach. you had to walk down this pathway and there were flowers and plants everywhere.

a little kid collected rocks and put them all together, i thought it was cute and remember doing this when i was a kid as well.

you could see people at the top of that. i want to go up there and take pictures of the people below to see how different it must look and feel


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  1. this just got me super nostalgic, i want to go back there so badly and do this again with you guys.